reflection week 14 (Edutechnovation Day)

hey everyone, Alhamdulillah we still here..

              Its a big day today.. The EDUTECHNOVATION DAY..The final day of the class. Today is where all of our hard work will be evaluated by Dr.Rossenni. She invited all the facilitators and some of our tesl seniors for the day. Although we had already done the pre-edutechnvation day last week, we still feels nervous. this is because we were afraid that they wont like our final products.

            we had to display the poster and the storyboard so it can be evaluated. We edit on what should we edit for the video and the poster based on the comments given by Dr.Rossenni and others.. The turn for our group is still the same as the previous week which is group 4..All group seems nervous. The videos were all full of positive message..And the posters also very pretty and interesting using their own creativity.  

       This time, we were also being asked to vote after each presentation..after all the presentation finished, everyone feels relieved..All the judges were given a time to discuss who would be the winner. After some times, the results were announced. The 1st place goes to GG Creation with heart donation video. For our group, we only managed to get the 4th place..Alhamdulillah..

        At the everyone received a hamper each group..Everyone was very happy..YAAAYYY!!!!

here are our final poster and video :

the poster

poster                                                                             OUR VIDEO

pictures’ time,,hehehe 😉

1474751_186025294926713_2051598335_n mr.helmi presenting seniors




reflection week 13 (pre-edutechnovation day)

assalamualaikum and hey y’all…

Today is the day where we have to present to the whole class especially to the lecturer Dr.Rossenni and all the facilitators on what we had done for all the past weeks. Although its not a big day yet, we already feel the pressure. Dr.Rossenni said that we work best when under the pressure..:( ..We did our best in completing the tasks given (the video and the poster) although there were a lot of comments and some of it we have to redo it.

Before the 1st group start presenting, we were given a clicker for each person. We have to use it after each group done presenting their video for voting. Our group is the 4th group. As before, our video is about appreciating God’s favours which in this video is about appreciating a mother because mother is one of the biggest gift given by Allah S.W.T..

We did the editing of the poster at the very last minute after the comments made by Dr.Rossenni. However, we did managed to finish it in the given time. All of the group members were given parts to present it..At the end, the lecturer and the facilitators gave comments for the video and the poster. They said, there a little bit need to be improve before next week and make sure the video is not too typical and the message are there to be delivered to the audiences. but overall it still a good video

here’s the raw poster we did :




Reflection Week 12: Video Inspection


Assalamualaikum wbt to all. this wekk we are going to have video inspection in which Dr. Rosseni would like to see each groups progress. in the video inspection, we also need to prepare a slide about our video, the title, objectives,the messages, the plots and many more. we also need to show the completed parts of our video and need to explain the unfinished parts.



After showing the video to Dr. Rosseni, she does give her sincere comments on how to improve our video. So far, she says that everything is good but we need to instill something in the video to make it more meaningful.



However, after all groups are done with their presentation, Dr.Rosseni goes to the front to say something to us, and it makes us feel so guilty. It is about our  poor reflections, individual and groups. According to Kak Ana, some of us get 0 marks and it really makes Dr. Rosseni feels sad and frustrated.

images (1)

and thanks to our own attitudes, we make Dr. Rosseni feels frustrated and sad.. sob..sob..sob…

In shaa Allah, we will try our best to improve our attitude and the reflections.Thank you very much, Dr. Rosseni. we really owe you.

thank you(70)

Reflection Week 11: Creating A Poster

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and hello everyone.  For this week we are creating a poster for our video.

       We are ask to present our poster on Edu Technovation Day that will be held on week 14. This poster is a way to promote our video. So, it must relates to our video and contain the message that we want to convey.

We think that it is quite difficult for us as all of us never create any poster before this. In making this poster, we used Adobe Photoshop CS4. We have learn about this software on the previous class. So, we have a little knowledge about it. But we still struggle in used this software. It needs a lot of times to makes this poster become the perfect ones just like what Dr wants. We change it for several times.

Dr. Rosseni suggests that we should make a simple ones as our video is quite heavy in message.  For the background, we decide to take a hand picture just like someone praying. This picture is a symbolism that we as children should be grateful to have a mother who always beside us in hard and easy time. It is because we only have a mother, once she left, we will never get another as the same. So, we should appreciate her.

Hopefully, Dr Rosseni and other facilitators will satisfied with our poster because we have done our best effort on it. We think that we can used this application in the future as we are going to be teachers, so we can used it in teaching to make learning become more interesting.

Finally, here is the poster.. Just a simple ones…


Camera 360

That all from us for this times. Till we meet again in another post. Thank you. 🙂

Reflection 10 – Video Presentation

Assalamualaikum and hye all!

Today is the day for the presentation of the progress of our video production. The group’s presentation will be counted as our midterm assessment which every members must involve in this presentation unless we will not given any mark if we didn’t join the presentation.

For this presentation, we sit together and discuss on what we are gonna present. So, we have settled everything for the presentation in the evening. But, we are so disappointed that the guidelines for the presentation are given after that about 7 p.m.. So, we have to do it again and settle it down in less than 24 hours from now. We are so stress at that time because it make us awake till 3 a.m. to finish everything and there are a lot of things to be completed. But it’s okay as all of the group members did cooperate well. So, the burden feels lighter when the works are divided fairly among each other. So, we divide among each other who is going to update the blog, edit the video and also prepare the slide for the presentation. Alhamdulillah, we manage to go beyond the critical stage of our dying day..huhuhu..:(

In the presentation, we did present about our progress of the video in which we just completed with the shooting of 3 scenes and there are still remaining 3 scenes to be shot by us. However, our work not only stop after shooting the three scenes because we need to edit it which we want to include surah ar rahman, the opening part, the closing part of the video and many others. We hope that everything will go well and smoothly for us to finish with the video production and we can maintain the momentum with the work progress.

Thank you Dr. Rosseni and all the facilitators for your support and comments to our video till this moment. We will try to improve and  do our best for the video.

Reflection 9: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Assalamualikum w.b.t and hello everyone..


We meet again peeps, and for this week, Mr Helmi teaches us how to use Adobe Photoshop CS4.


Adobe Photoshop is a graphic editing software in which it is developed and published by adobe systems. There are motley types of Adobe Photoshop, they include Adobe Photochop cs3, Adobe Photoshop cs4, Adobe Photoshop cs6 and many more.

Mr Helmi gives a lot of useful guidelines in order to use this software, we learn how to crop pictures using magnetic lasso tool, inverse the pictures, use some effects and so forth.

We provide a tutorial on how to use Adobe Photoshop that may be useful to all of you (^_^)

In addition, Minnion Production Crews also edit some of the pictures from our video production that will be used later on.

DSCN0793      This is the original picture taken from the second scene

hu       This one is edited version

That’s all from us, hope to see you again, peeps… Assalamualaikum (^_^)


Reflection 8: Movie Maker

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.. =) For this time, Mr Helmi have teach us about Windows Movie Maker. This software suite and offers the ability to create and edit video. This software is very useful in the production of our video.


         Firstly, we learn how to import the video or picture from the computer into Windows Movie Maker. We upload a random video from the computer into this software. The video is about nature.. We learns on how to mute the sound of the video. Then, we replace it with another audio that we import from the computer.

We are adding and arranging clips on the storyboard, add titles, transitions, and effects. Transition controls how our movie plays from one video clip or picture to the next. We add a transition between two pictures, video clips, or titles in any combination on the storyboard/timeline. Effect can be used to add a special effects to our movie. We also use the others transition like a Fade, Shatter and Zig Zag. We also add some texts that related to the video.

We use this software in process of making our video. We mute the noise that cause by the surrounding that happens when record our video. Then, we use other audio that suitable with the story in the video. We used instrumental sound to add the sad mood. We used the Film Age effects to a video clip and picture make the video for that clip look like an old-time movie. We used this to make a differences between past and present in times. It is because we decide to make story about two different generation with the same life story. By slow down the video, we focus on the character in the video.

So, here is the link for our video 🙂